2021 Chardonnay


The nose has flavours of pear, passion fruit and pineapple. These tropical flavours follow through onto a creamy palate with subtle wood integration and a long, lingering finish.




Here’s our detailed product profile.

Complexities within our wines.

Wine Making

The grapes are received in the morning. Crushing and de-stemming; the mash was pumped through a mash cooler chilling the mash to approximately 16oC. Skin attached overnight and then pressed, juice settled after 48hrs transferred into barrels. Natural ferment at 14-16 % and takes up to a month and a half to complete. 100% of the fermentation took place in Burgundy French oak barrels.


The Chardonnay vineyard is planted on S-SW facing slopes at about 250-300 metres above sea level. The soil on these blocks varies from medium to heavy textured, with a moderate structure and shale mother material. The clay content varies from 15-20%.


Alc: 13.17%

T.A.: 4.9g/l

PH: 3.42

RS: 2.3

Discount Sliding Scale

Value Offering

We pride ourselves in adding value wherever possible beyond our wines! We have created additional benefits for all export clientele.

As an option we provide a sliding scale of discounts according to the volume of orders & the frequency of orders:

(40ft) orders

We can provide a 6.5% – 10% discount on a full container (40ft) order

20ft) order

We can provide a 3 – 5.5% discount on half a container(20ft) order

Alongside these discounts, we are willing to offer a 90 Day payment term for all orders of half a container and more.