Sauvignon Blanc 2023


An aromatic Sauvignon Blanc 2023 with grassy notes, white asparagus undertones and strong hints of capsicum, gooseberries and lemon zest. A refreshing, crisp acidity finishes off the initial sensation of creaminess on the mid-palate. The ideal companion to seafood and cream-based dishes.




Here’s our detailed product profile.

Complexities within our wines.

Wine Making

The grapes are brought into the cellar early morning while it is still cool. De-stalking commences with a crusher and the pulp is allowed skin contact for 6- 12 hours prior to pressing to enhance flavour extraction. After pressing, the juice is left for 48 hours to settle. The clear juice is fermented and the filtered lees kept to the side to ferment on its own. Half of the Sauvignon Blanc juice is fermented with wild (natural) yeasts whereas the other half is fermented with commercial yeast strains. A Bucher Pneumatic press was used and 100% stainless steel tanks with cooling jackets control and maintain the fermentation temperature between 9-11 °C. No malolactic fermentation was done and no oak was used during the making of this wine.


Our 33 Year old vineyard is planted on a N-NW slope at 160-180m above sea-level on shallow medium textured (10-15%), moderately structured (50-90% gravel) soil with a shale parent material. The 14 year old blocks are planted on terraced S-SW slopes 180-240 m on medium textured, neocutanic soil with hydromorphic material of mixed origin (10-15% clay, fine coarse sand with 20-50% gravel).


Alc: 14%

T.A.: 5.8g/l

PH: 3.56

RS: 3.1

Ageing Potential

Optimum drinking time- 1-3 years after the release